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Frequently Ask Questions

Here are some of the questions we often get asked about accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, payroll and business setup services. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at contact@nomersbiz.com.

We believe in offering clear communications with every client. Because every client is important to us, we strive to offer our best support services every day. Our clients have 24/7 access to their bookkeeping records via email, online chats, Skype and telephone.

Actually, the opposite is true. If you hire someone your bookkeeping functions, then you will get more control and have complete access to your financial records, which, once organized by our highly-skilled team, can help you understand the current financial status of your organization.

Moreover, we never disclose your confidential information. Our privacy policy is outlined in our confidentiality clause.

No. We use theaccounting system that you already have in place,and update it at no extra cost.

We are well-versed in many accounting software platforms, and make based on your business needs. QuickBooks and Xero are just two examples of the platforms we work with.

The setup and maintenance fees will depend on the software you would like us to implement.

We provide complete training for all the accounting software we use in preparing financial statements and reports. Included in our training program, we will show you how to easily store all your financial records and other related documents with our data storage portal and cloud-based accounting system.

No one but you get access to your financial data, because we store our clients' data in a client portal that only you can access by using a unique login ID and password.

In case you want to share your data with any third party like bankers, lawyers or investment advisors then you can also provide them with limited access and defined permissions.

We are always very strict in maintaining all the confidentiality of our clients, and this is our top priority for the safety of your sensitive data. To ensure security, we host all client data on cloud servers that follows the highest standards in data security.

This completely depends on your business needs. We are highly experienced in managing all your accounting and bookkeeping needs, with high levels of quality controls. However, we have several clients with whom we collaborate with their accounting staff to achieve higher value for the business.

We have expertise in working with various industries, and understand the specific regulations for their fields, including Financial Services, Restaurants, Professional Services, Not for Profit and Charity, Real Estate and Construction, Hotel/Hospitality, Retail and Service Businesses, Technology and more.

Yes. With our payroll system, you can easily track all the time off details of your employees along with the details of each employee's pay stub. You can also get a unique login ID for every employee to grant them secure access to their pay stubs and timesheets.

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NBS offer complete solutions for your accounting and tax needs. We have more than 20 years of experience in working with companies at all stages and sizes. We take your financial tasks off your hands so you can stay focused on your business.


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