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Payroll Services for Startups

Your business needs payroll services. NBS payroll services for startups and established enterprises can help you cut the time and energy put into paying employees and taxes. We implement a computerized payroll system that will ease processing, get your staff paid faster and help you file tax returns.

Payroll management is time-consuming because it requires more than simply paying employees. Payroll services from NBSprovides you with scalable and easy-to-integrate payroll management software that can handle all the reporting for payroll-related taxes as well as provide insight into your payroll expenses.

Benefits of Our Startup Payroll Services

Convenience: When you assign your payroll services, all you have to do is call our office and tell us how many hours your employees worked, their salary and deductions, and we will process the checks for you.

Accuracy and Reliability: Our experienced accountants strive to provide error-free payroll solutions, and we stay up-to-date on tax laws related to employee payroll.

Affordable Payroll Services: A startup with 10-12 employees typically spends about $2,700 per year in labor cost associated with payroll. Working with NBS, you can reduce that cost, putting money back into your company.

We have been in the payroll services industry for more than 20 years, and have extensive experience in delivering payroll services for startups and established firms. We work closely with our clients to maintain their payroll effectively and get employees paid on time.

Our payroll services for startups Include:

Weekly and monthly payroll statements depending on your payment schedule

Payroll setup for new employees

Maintenance of payroll records

Preparation of payroll reports on a quarterly basis

Issuance of yearly W2s and 1099s

Assistance with workers compensation

Up-to-date compliance with mandatory labor law posters

Working with a full-service payroll solution not only reduces your processing costs but also ensures you get the most accurate and streamlined execution of your entire payroll process.

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If you are looking for the most trusted and reliable accounting and tax advisory service partner, we are the best option available for that. We offer our services in Northern California, East West Bay, Peninsula, Stockton - Sacramento.

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